Sunday, 11 September 2016

How to change a 5 GHz hotspot to 2.4 GHz

Many of us often feel the need to use high speed internet without actually paying for it. So usualy we turn our PC/Laptop in a wifi-hotspot. There are many software’s available for the same like Connectify, MyPublicWIFI, Hotspotter, etc to name a few. Now most of you will find an issue with 5 GHz mode wifi hotspot not detected in certain devices. This article is solely dedicated to help you solve it.
PS: Connectify has been used for all demo purposes but the solution works for all softwares

Firstly what is the difference between 5 GHz mode and 2.4 GHz mode?
These two are basically different modes or frequencies on which your WIFI signal operates. 5.8 GHz mode is widely used nowadays.
5GHz has a shorter range compared with 2.4GHz;
The 2.4GHz frequency is way more crowded than 5GHz, devices on 2.4GHz suffer much more interference than the ones on 5GHz;
Fewer devices are capable of using the 5GHz channel than the 2.4GHz channel.
As a result a 5 GHz WIFI Hotspot may not show up at all in certain phones or pc s.
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What does the 5GHz mode warning mean?
Connectify Hotspot is using the same Wi-Fi band and channel that your wireless access point uses. Your PC acquires a connection via Wi-Fi, and if you share over the same device you use the same band and channel.

The problem is when the Internet connection is made via 802.11a or 802.11n at 5.8GHz. While Connectify Hotspot will share its connection perfectly on 5.8GHz, some devices cannot connect on 5GHz channels. This means your Hotspot will not show up for devices that can’t see 5GHz networks and may appear to not be working. If you see a “5GHz Warning” Connectify Hotspot has detected that you are using a 5GHz channel.

It is possible to have a 5GHz hotspot, but unfortunately, Connectify does not have the ability to control between 2.4GHz and 5GHz. The channel of the Hotspot is determined by the channel of the network that the adapter is currently connected to as well as your network adapter (if it supports 5GHz). If you are connected to a 5GHz network, then you will get a 5GHz hotspot. The same would also be true for a 2.4GHz hotspot.

In connectify, the 5 GHz warning shows like this:

The Workaround / Solution:
*This is only for Intel WI-LAN Adapters
1) Go to Device Manager

2) Go to Network Adapters and Right Click on your Intel WiFi Adapter

3) Open Properties

4) Go to Advanced

5) Click on channel width for 5 GHz and set it to 20 MHz only

6) Click on Preferred Band and Change it to 2.4 GHz band

7) Click on Wireless mode and set it to 802.1 b/g

8) That’s it now restart your PC, connect to WIFI and launch connectify (or other software).

9) It should work properly.
10) Enjoy your new hi-speed internet hotspot in any device.🙂


  1. Thanks. It worked to connect my Nintendo 3DS to my campus wifi.

  2. I have been trying to fix this issue for months without success. Thanks to your post I am able to fix it.

  3. What about a D-Link DWA-566 Wireless N300 Dual Band Desktop Adapter
    No feature for it? Please help